Beach Wedding Attire for Men

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beach wedding attire for men

The Perfect beach Wedding Attire For Men

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What is the perfect beach wedding attire for men you might ask?

For many, and exotic beach wedding is a fantasy, and with the proper beach wedding attire you won’t have to hop a plane to the Mexico in order to have a destination beach wedding experience. While a bridal gown will work for almost all wedding settings, the groom and groomsmen really must don guayaberas, the distinguishing hallmark of a beach wedding look.

The main choice in choosing beach wedding attire for men is the Guayabera Shirt. These popular Cuban shirts are cool, comfortable, and evoke the feel of warm, tropical beaches. Outfitting your wedding party in guayaberas is one important detail in planning your beach wedding attire and giving your special day that Caribbean flavor.

Guayaberas are comfortably fitting linen or cotton button-up shirts popular in Cuba, Mexico, and around the Caribbean. Guayaberas were traditionally short sleeved and came in white and pastel colors. Today, guayaberas can be short or long-sleeved and come in many colors. Black guayaberas are popular in Mexico where they are embroidered with colorful flowers. The long sleeve versions have French cuffs are a fashion staple south of the border.

Historically, guayaberas were associated with older men, but quickly spread in popularity until they were worn by all ages. When American consumers embraced the growing trend for retro style clothing, guayaberas shifted to a much younger audience of style conscious men.

While popular as beach wedding attire for men, some countries, including tropical parts of the US, mainly Flordia, the guayabera is often seen as a part of office attire during warmer weather. In Puerto Rico, a long-sleeved guayabera can be used as a replacement for a coat and tie for more formal occasions.

A Guayabera are the perfect shirt for beach wedding attire. Guayaberas are light, comfortable, and are flattering on all shapes and sizes, and a fine choice for the groom’s beach wedding attire. Regardless of where you live, the proper groomsmen beach wedding attire will bring a tropical feel that will make your special day a beach wedding fantasy to remember. | visit site | click here |

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